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by Kevin Coupe

After 21 years of doing this, the following story seems like the perfect MNB Eye Opener…

The New York Times reports on a German study in which scientists fed 10 cows industrial hemp with high levels of THC, and then observed that "compared with cows that received the usual diet of corn and hay, the hemp-fed Holsteins were more chilled out, salivated and yawned more often, and frequently engaged in whimsical tongue play, the study found. They also spent more time lounging around the barn as they chewed their cud and ruminated the universe.

"They did not, however, exhibit a proclivity for binge eating."

Still unknown - but definitely being studied - is whether milk from cows with such a diet will have the same impact on human beings who drink it.

The story is pretty detailed, explaining how the impact of the THC-infused feed seemed to go away within a couple of days once the diet was changed back to more traditional fare.  In addition, the results of the German study are consistent with similar research done in the US into the impact of THC on sheep.

There are all sorts of legal issues still in play.  The Times writes that "in the United States, Congress reversed the prohibition on hemp cultivation in 2018, which has fed the expanding market for CBD oil and myriad products containing it, but hemp cannot legally be fed to livestock."  There apparently is a lot of hemp out there that is called "unwanted biomass" for which farmers are trying to to find uses … and milk is one of them.

More work needs to be done, but it seems to me that if we have cashew milk, oat milk, almond milk and all sorts of other kinds of milk, there seems to be no reason why - subject to medical studies - that there can't be THC-infused milk.

There does seem to be on Eye-Opening truth about this, though … consumers who drink THC-infused milk are likely to find that Oreos never looked so good.